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Cancel anytime. No contract. Pay month by month.

Cancel anytime. No contract. Pay month by month.

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How do credits work?

Credits system

  • Credits are used to generate reports.
  • You cannot use credits for rank tracking.
  • The cost of credits depends on the number of results of each report.
  • Credits are reset each month.

Credit cost

  • Page Analysis100 credits
  • Crawl100 credits + 1 credit/page
  • Backlinks100 credits + 1 credit/page
  • Site vs. site100 credits + 1 credit/result
  • SEO Benchmark100 credits + 1 credit/result


If you run 2 page analyses, you will use :
2x100 = 200 credits.

If you run 1 crawl of 1000 pages which returns 591 results, you will use :
100 + 591 = 691 credits.

How do Rank Tracking units work?

Rank Tracking system

  • Each rank is tracked every day.
  • We track the 100 first results (10 first Google pages).
  • We track your website and up to 5 competitors (tracking competitors is free).
  • The number of rank tracking charged is the number of current rank tracked.

Rank Tracking cost

  • 1 query on 1 search engine1 unit
  • 2 queries on 2 search engines4 units
  • Track up to 5 competitorsFree
  • Track your rank every dayFree
  • Track your rank on the 100 first resultsFree


If 100 ranks are tracked, you will use 100 Rank Tracking units every month.

If 100 ranks are tracked and you remove 10 ranks, you will use 90 Rank Tracking units every month.


We currently accept the following payment methods : Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover and American Express.
We ask for your billing details to prevent abusive registrations and interruption in service if you decide to continue with the tool after the trial ends. We’ll never charge during your trial, and you can cancel anytime.

No. You can stop anytime for any reason. You pay month-by-month.
Yes, you can try Site Analyzer for free for 14 days and test all the features and the PDF export in white label.

If you have trouble using our tool, we’ll do our best to find a solution. We don’t offer a support for your website optimization.
Of course you can! We created Site Analyzer in order to make easier the creation and reselling of our reports with the White Label export.

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