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Analyze any page of your website one by one in a few seconds.

A deep On-page analysis

More than a simple SEO analysis, get a complete diagnosis of your landing pages one by one: content, keywords, design, performance, accessibility… Analyze, optimize and analyze again: monitor developments with your Site Analyzer Score, improve your website and control your SEO. You can analyze any page, on any website as often as you wish. No installation required, no need to wait for hours, our tool is instantaneous!

  • SEO
  • Keywords
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Design

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An instant Score

The Page Analysis Score is the score we give to each page optimization. More than a simple number, this indicator represents the overall quality of the page and allows you to quickly compare two analyses. The score is a weighted score calculated on the entirety of the score of each criterion.

Detailed criteria

Each criterion in our analysis is commented in order to succinctly explain its relevance in your page optimization.

Easy-to-use charts

Easy-to-use, clear and detailed charts help you to understand at a glance strengths and weaknesses of your page and offer you an easier reading of your analysis.

A prioritized to do list

The automatically generated to do list allows you to identify at a glance priorities to solve in your website from the most urgent to the less important.

Customizable PDF exports

Thanks to our theme editor, export your analyses in customizable PDF with your own colors and logo by selecting which criteria you want to export.

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