Website optimization is not only an SEO improvement, it's making the Web better.

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Site Analyzer is a SEO tool to analyze your website.

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A complete website analysis to improve your SEO.

Site Analyzer is an optimisation tool for your website. This SEO tool will allow you to analyse your website and generate a multi-point audit sorted by category (accessibility, design, texts, multimedia and networking).
The analysis report is made of more than 50 criteria based on the optimisation of your server configuration, HTML tagging, text content, multimedia content, internal and external networking and page popularity.
This SEO analysis allows you not only to check the performance of your site but also to improve the visibility of the website for search engines. In this way you favour natural ranking of your site and increase the potential number of visitors to your website.
All these criteria mean that this SEO analyser is a powerful asset for your website !

Already more than 1.500.000 websites analysed.

Site Analyzer performs a multi-criteria SEO analysis.

A web page analysis with more than 50 criteria.

SEO Analysis

Analyse your pages like search engines do and optimise your keyword density, your links, your meta tags and all other elements which influence your natural SEO.


Improve your website’s performance by analysing your server configuration, multimedia content and the loading speed of your HTML page.


Control the design of your page through a detailed analysis of your HTML code, the general web design, your style sheets and your Javascript in order to improve the user’s experience.


Optimise your website in order to make it compatible with all devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops) and accessible by worldwide users whatever their configuration.